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Volkswagen Japan Sales KK is an authorized Volkswagen (hereinafter referred to as "VW") dealer operated by PAIG Japan Automobile Investment GK (hereinafter referred to as "PAIG Japan"), which is a company launched in Japan by Volkswagen AG subsidiary Porsche Holding Salzburg (hereinafter referred to as "PHS").Volkswagen Japan Sales KK operates 11 new car showrooms in the Greater Tokyo Area (Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Saitama). At our used car center, with 8 branches, we stock an abundant, high quality VW guaranteed used car "Das WeltAuto" lineup to fulfill the diverse needs of our customers. And regarding after service as well, we staff all of our workshop with VW certified specialists and master technicians, and provide safe and reliable service that prioritizes quality. Additionally, we own one of Japan's largest integrated workshop, the approximately 11,000 square meter Kohoku Customer Service Center in Yokohama. Here, we provide services including heavy maintenance, body repair and painting, and car inspection.


Company Name
Volkswagen Japan Sales KK
3-5-2 Oyamadai, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
President Yoshinori Suzuki
New and used Volkswagen sales, parts and supplies sales, maintenance, damage insurance agency services, etc.
April 1, 1998
10 million yen (as of January 2023)
Annual turnover
15.3 billion yen
(actual 2023 turnover)
271 (as of January 2024)

Company History

April 1998
Received a business transfer from the former Fahren Tokyo KK, kept all sales locations and the entire staff, and started business as a sales company 100% financed by the German Volkswagen Group.
January 2001
Changed company name to Volkswagen Tokyo KK.
May 2011
Changed company name to Volkswagen Japan Sales KK.
January 2019
Volkswagen Group Japan KK transferred the Volkswagen Japan Sales KK shares that it had acquired through capital flow within the group to PAIG Japan Automobile Investment GK, a Japanese subsidiary of the 100% German Volkswagen AG financed Porsche Holding GmbH (headquarters: Salzburg, Austria).
11 new automobile showrooms, 12 service factories, 8 used automobile centers


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