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As a genuine Audi dealer boasting the most extensive network and largest number of cars sold in Japan, Audi Japan Sales operates 12 new automobile showrooms, five certified pre-owned automobile showrooms, and four service centers in the Metropolitan Area and the Kansai region. Additionally, as an exclusive Audi seller specialist, our sole mission is to create a resonant car experience and put smiles on the faces of customers with Audi products, and we pride ourselves in fulfilling all of our customers' needs and desires. Before purchasing, we invite prospective car buyers to experience the wonderfulness of Audi through a multitude of services and activities both in and out of the showroom. After purchasing, we provide high quality after service by a highly skilled mechanic team that has both won and scored top-level at international competitions. And this is also matched by a luxurious lifestyle suited to Audi owners and a diverse array of events for experiencing a sense of the extraordinary.


Company Name
Audi Japan Sales KK
2-30-8 Oyamadai, Setagaya-ku,
Tokyo 158-0086
President Ivaylo Pulev
Audi automobile (new and used) sales,
after service, and other related activities
October 3, 2000
100 million yen
Annual turnover
43,900,000,000 yen
(December 2023)
399 (as of January 2024)

Company History

October 3, 2000
Audi Japan Sales KK precursor, Yanase Audi Sales Co. was established.
December 1, 2002
Joint venture company Yanase Audi Sales Co. was established through financing from Audi Japan KK.
June 30, 2007
The joint venture was terminated.
July 1, 2007
Audi Japan KK acquired 100% of the company shares, changed the company name to Audi Japan Sales KK, and became the only directly managed Audi Japan dealer in Japan.
March 31, 2020
Audi Japan KK transferred the shares it owned to PAIG Japan Automobile Investment GK, a Japanese subsidiary of the 100% German Volkswagen AG financed Porsche Holding GmbH (headquarters: Salzburg, Austria). It developed into and currently remains a direct group managed dealer.

*The company name "Porsche" does not refer to the sports car brand Porsche, but instead comes from the name of the founding Porsche family.

Sales locations
21 Audi dealerships (12 new automobile shops, 5 used automobile shops, 4 service centers)
Audi Setagaya, Audi Suginami, Audi City Kioicho, Audi Meguro, Audi Toyosu,
Audi Edogawa, Audi Chofu, Audi Minato Mirai, Audi Umeda, Audi Osaka Chuo, Audi Minoh, Audi Sakai
Audi Approved Automobile Chofu,Audi Approved Automobile Ariake,Audi Approved Automobile Minatomirai,
Audi Approved Automobile Minoh,Audi Approved Automobile Osaka Minami
Audi Service Center Minami Tokyo, Kohoku, Suminoe , Osaka-Chuo


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